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We are specialists in microelectronics, and data recovery on Apple devices since 2015.

Common Repairs

Touch, Audio, Signal, Charging, Power


Touch Desease

Very common on iphone 6 plus and 6, touch stops working or works randomly

Audio Isues

The actual issue on iPhones 7 and 7 plus, no audio on calls, no voice record, speaker icon grayed out.

Searching/No Service

This issue can appear on any iphone due to hits and strong drops

Wifi/Bluetooth Grayed out

Wifi not working, signal dropping, grayed out wifi/bluetooth icon

No power on / Data recovery

Power issues, water damage, not charging, no image, no backlight.

Send us your Device | We Fix it..!

Mail-in Repairs

No fix, No fee policy for your iPhone or Macbook Motherboard, 90 days Warranty

Send in your mobile device or computer. We perform an initial examination, we will evaluate your repair and send you an email with a quote of your repair, complete your repair, and send an invoice to you. Once the invoice is paid, your device is shipped back right to you!

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