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Level 3 Microsoldering Training Course

Apple Devices
Beginner - Intermediated

Apple Device Training Course


If you are a cellphone repair technician that has yet to jump into Microsoldering world, come with us and learn how to be a competitive tech in the actual market, with only the necessary equipment to make the most common repairs, without expensive investments you will be able to repair, charging, audio, touch, image. signal issues and more on Apple Devices

100% personalized one to one training course, 5 days full 40 hours of practice and theory.

You will learn

-Basic electronic, identification of logic board components and how to measure.
-Use and calibration of equipment, multimeter, hot air station, solder iron.
-BGA repairs, solder, mount, unmount components, reballing BGA chips, connectors, jumpers and more.
-How to identify common faults on iphones logic boards.
-Quickly identify problems and separate repairable from unrepairable devices.
-How to read and understand schematics, how to use of boardview software ZXW Tool.
-Shorts detection techniques.
-Water damage, Data Recovery throbleshooting.
-Trusted tools, equipments, components souces

5 Days 40 hours of Training personalized one to one.

Monday to Friday from 10am – 6pm each day

Price: $2000
50% of the total amount of $2000 (non refundable) have to be put down when you booking your week of training.
The remaining amount will be paid the first day before starting the training.
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After the form has been completed You will receive an email with the available dates to booking your training week and the payment methods (paypal, zelle) to deposit 50 percent. when you have deposited the 50 percent the week of training is booking for you

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